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Remembering Terri Masters…

Terri Masters was many things to many people. To her family, she was the center of their world. The rock that kept them all grounded, happy and together. To her cheerleaders, she was the ultimate role model.  If she was your coach, it meant everything! She made her girls want to succeed, to be their best and to know that they could accomplish anything. All the while, remembering to be caring, compassionate and faithful. To her beloved school and parish, Holy Cross, she was its biggest supporter and fearless leader. Terri was a positive influence on every person that had the privilege of knowing her.

Terri passed away from pancreatic cancer in May of 2012. The Terri Masters Scholarship Fund was established by her family shortly there after. Terri was a strong proponent for Catholic education. This fund is intended to help carry on her spirit and the enthusiasm that she brought to everyone she met. A fifth grade student attending Holy Cross, who is involved in the school’s sports program, will be eligible for the scholarship. Terri was an active leader in the parish community and a strong advocate for children. This was reflected in her actions through her ministry at Holy Cross as a cheerleading coach and her involvement in CYO activities for over 37 years. The fund is intended to continue her legacy of living in the Catholic faith and giving back to the community she so cherished.

We are deeply humbled and thankful for all of the love and support we have received in our mission to carry on Terri’s’ work. The Holy Cross/ Terri Masters Golf Tournament is one way we are remembering Terri, honoring Terri and ensuring her important work continues. We look forward to seeing you at Eagle Vale Golf Club on July 19th!